(Art: Cosmic Turtle, oil painting by Christina Smith)

Hello All,

My name is Erin and I welcome you, with immense gratitude, to this sacred space of self-discovery, transformation and the freedom to be exactly who you are.

I am a mother, wanderer and inquisitor of reality. I have been a perpetual student, not only to life, but also quite literally, as in the realm of academia. With a Bachelor of Science my scholarly background is highlighted in the area of human services (a broad range of eclectic fields: from lifespan of human development and theology to criminal justice and social work). My most recent adventure has found me committed to a Master’s of Transpersonal Psychology program.

This is a holistic approach which has offered me the foundation to integrate everything I have learned and applied thus far into a more unified whole. Most importantly, however, is the nature of such an experience to transcend the dogma and indoctrinate of a more narrowly focused, traditional schooling. With a fluid, multi-layered and experiential teaching, rather than higher- this has truly been deeply transformative- education.

It is an opportunity to grow and expand as an individual in a way that allows one to bring their own completeness- a presence that is full and resilient- into every interaction, every task, and every moment. This moves outward into the relationship with oneSelf, into the home, community and so on.

A great majority of my path has also involved intense studious endeavors of a very personal quality. This includes world religions, ancient practices and spirituality from all walks of life. While I have been immensely blessed to witness all that I have, there is an unquenchable urgency that continues to propel me ever forward. A desire to peel away endless layers, revealing more of my truest expression, all of which allows me to show up as a more authentic version of myself.

This willingness to continue learning (and there is always a great deal more to learn), developing and growing, is not always easy, though it is always unfathomably rewarding. My journey is one of devotion, sacrifice and discipline but also one of great pain and sorrow, loss, destruction, death and many lessons in humility and surrender. I have been reminded time and time again that the very essence of life, the very nature of what it means to be human, is found in service to others.

This site has been a long held vision of mine, an extension of my inner landscape and an offering of any wisdom I have the capacity to share. Everything I post here will be sincere, heart-felt and raw; it will reflect experiences I have faced along my own voyage of human development, an endless journey of unraveling our infinite potential as multi-dimensional beings.

Comments and messages are absolutely welcome. I am eager to connect with ‘Rainbow Warriors’ all over the world, co-creating our New Earth together. It is a great honor to share this sacred space… I am so very excited to embark on this exploration with all of you!


Warmly and with so much Love,


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